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  • ChatGPT


    Credo che nel ricamare sul sogno Belbo, ancora una volta, tornasse al pensiero dell’occasione perduta, e al suo voto di rinuncia, per non aver saputo cogliere — se mai c’era stato — il Momento. Il Piano iniziò perché egli si era rassegnato a costruirsi momenti fittizi.Gli avevo chiesto non so quale testo, ed egli aveva […]

  • Duplicate Post joins Yoast

    Duplicate Post joins Yoast

    [Il testo italiano è coda all’articolo] I’m happy to announce that Yoast has acquired my Duplicate Post plugin for WordPress, and I’m joining their team as a senior developer to continue working on it. As you probably know if you work with WordPress, Yoast SEO is the leading plugin for Search Engine Optimisation. But Yoast […]

  • I sentimenti collettivi di insicurezza

    Ciò che appare davvero sorprendente, e che dà senso a quel che accade — sul versante della giustizia penale e del carcere — in tutto il ventennio [1990-2010] è il mutamento dell’opinione pubblica (o in come essa viene rappresentata). Quella stessa società civile che per i primi quarant’anni della storia dell’Italia repubblicana ha tollerato, senza […]

  • Mangiatori di arsenico

    One of the methods that the accused could defend themselves even if arsenic were detected in the body, was by using the so-called Styrian Defence. Now Styria is a region, a mountainous region, of Southern Austria. And this is back in Victorian times, or more correctly speaking, Franz Josephian times. It was found that the […]

  • Ken Livingstone

    Livingstone has consistently rejected being defined under any particular ideological current of socialism. Recognising this, in 2000, the former Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock asserted that Livingstone could only be defined as a “Kennist”. Livingstone’s understanding of politics arises from his studies of animal behaviour and anthropology; rejecting the idea that the human species is […]

  • Le masse e i movimenti totalitari

    Totalitarian movements are possible wherever there are masses who for one reason or another have acquired the appetite for political organization. Masses are not held together by a consciousness of common interest and they lack that specific class articulateness which is expressed in determined, limited, and obtainable goals. The term masses applies only where we […]

  • Ricetta per l’obbedienza

    (Philip Zimbardo, The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil, 2007)

  • Diritti della natura (o Pacha Mama)

    Diritti della natura (o Pacha Mama)

    Capítulo séptimo Derechos de la naturaleza Art. 71.- La naturaleza o Pacha Mama, donde se reproduce y realiza la vida, tiene derecho a que se respete integralmente su existencia y el mantenimiento y regeneración de sus ciclos vitales, estructura, funciones y procesos evolutivos. Toda persona, comunidad, pueblo o nacionalidad podrá exigir a la autoridad pública […]

  • Bollire una società

    Bollire una società

    Here is how to boil a frog. Place the frog in a pan of tepid water. Raise the temperature so gradually that the frog does not realize it is being cooked. It may even fall into a stupor, as a person might in a hot bath. Eventually it will die. According to experiments done in […]

  • Controproducenti

    Sadly, malaria is making a comeback in many parts of the Third World, due partly to insecticide-resistant mosquitoes and partly to complacency and political disintegration. Irrigation projects such as dams, reservoirs, and irrigation canals often work well in temperate climates. However, in tropical regions, they may backfire. They create large bodies of stationary water that […]

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