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  • Derivati agricoli

    The notion of progress is a creation of agriculture. I can’t prove it, because the idea of progress is too deeply burned into us to be extracted and examined. It is our secular religion. […] The political system cannot be counted on to reform agriculture because the political system is a creation of agriculture, a […]

  • L’equivoco

    The agricultural life, often referred to as “pastoral” or “rural”, seems a natural world to modern-day city dwellers and suburbanites. A weekend drive in the country is a time for relaxing and “going back to nature.” Yet farming is not na- ture, but rather the largest alteration of Earth’s surface from its natural state that […]

  • I limiti dell’ingegno

    Historical evidence would indicate that very few key inventions have been made by men who had to spend all their energy overcoming the immediate pressures of survival. Atomic energy was discovered in the laboratories of basic science by individuals unaware of any threat of fossil fuel depletion. The first genetic experiments, which led a hundred […]

  • Falsa competizione

    Rodney Heitschmidt and Jerry Stuth point out that “[h]umankind has historically fostered and relied upon livestock grazing for a substantial portion of its livelihood because it is the only process capable of converting the energy in grassland vegetation into  an energy source directly consumable by humans.” Nineteen billion metric tons of vegetation are produced by […]

  • Una catastrofe annuale artificiale

    Agriculture is a recent human experiment. For most of human history, we lived by gathering or killing a broad variety of nature’s offerings. Why humans might have traded this approach for the complexities of agriculture is an interesting and long-debated question, especially because the skeletal evidence clearly indicates that early farmers were more poorly nourished, […]

  • Usurai

    Siamo gli usurai del nostro pianeta: In a lecture to the Royal Academy of Engineering in May, Professor Rod Smith of Imperial College explained that a growth rate of 3% means economic activity doubles in 23 years. At 10% it takes just seven years. This we knew. But Smith takes it further. With a series […]

  • Odio per l’orticoltura

    Quando esponi nella principale mostra floreale del mondo, ci si attende che tu consideri il giardinaggio come uno dei più grandi piaceri della vita. I progettisti spendono anni a pianificare il loro giardino perfetto per il Chelsea Flower Show ed è tale la popolarità dell’evento che questo è uno dei rari anni in cui i […]

  • C’mon, Mr. Shermer.

    Michael Shermer, giornalista e scrittore noto per aver fondato la Skeptic Society, cade abbastanza nel ridicolo in un suo editoriale di due settimane fa: Life has never been so good for our species – Los Angeles Times. It is fashionable among environmentalists today to paint a gloomy portrait of our future. Although there are many […]

  • DonZauker.it: 8 x 1000

    Mi pare doveroso metterlo pure qui. (in origine l’abbiamo pubblicato qui)

  • Dan Barber e una domanda mal posta

    And when you suggest these are the things that will insure the future of good food, someone somewhere stands up and says, “Hey guy, I love pink flamingos, but how are you going to feed the world? How are you going to feed the world?” Can I be honest? I don’t love that question. No, […]

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